Asset digitalization for railway wagons

Our technology

Powering efficiency

It is our mission to develop the technologies and applications for self-powered devices. In our vision energy harvesting will become a platform to enable thousands of IoT products. 


Fit & forget solutions

Millions of industrial sensors need their batteries replaced every few years. Battery waste creates huge environmental concerns and will be one of the targets of future regulations. Moreover, battery replacement requires manual labor and comes at significant maintenance costs. 


    Motion energy harvesting

    Everything that moves or vibrates contains kinetic energy. Motion energy harvesters can extract this energy and use it to recharge batteries. In many low-power applications this can result in self-sustaining systems that never run out of power. At MEMSYS we have the technology and know-how to develop systems that can efficiently and reliably extract energy from the vibrations of moving assets.


      Asset managers in the railway industry frequently deal with unexpected technical defects. The current reactive approach results in unscheduled downtime, operational disruptions and high maintenance costs.

      Visual inspections are the main method of identifying technical defects, but they require a lot of time and human resources and often miss the early signs of defects that are barely visible.   

      We’re currently developing a telematics product that can perform these inspections automatically and reliably. Our technology enables us to continuously monitor for defects such as flat spots and send reports in real-time. 

      About us

      MEMSYS is a Dutch startup founded as a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology. We envision a future where energy harvesting technologies are integrated in every wireless device and replacing batteries is a thing of the past.


      Thijs Blad


      Dion Hogervorst

      Lead Engineer

      Tamar Yovell

      Data Scientist

      Robin Geuze

      Lead Software Developer

      Call to action

      We’re looking for closed railway systems where we can pilot our solution in a controlled environment: shunting yards, regional railways, industrial sites.

      In the pilot, we can provide continuous monitoring of the wagons and infrastructure and real-time reporting on identified damages.